Saturday, March 4, 2017


February was I LOVE TO READ month at OQS.  The week before vacation, spirit week, started with a snow day!  On the following days we shared our love for books.  Thursday was dress as your favorite book character day.  We had several special characters visit 5R!  

Gary as 37, John St. Ives from Patriot's Sacrifice,
a story by Gary
Brayden as Theodore or "Armpit" from Holes

Miranda as Cat Lady from Cat by Day, Cat Woman at Night

Farren as Luna from The Girl Who
Drank the Moon

Madeline as Hermione Granger
from Harry Potter
Tara as Eleven (or El) from
Stranger Things
Taylor as Fiona from Miss Peregine's
Home for Peculiar Children

Owen as Harry Potter from the Chamber of Secrets

As part of I LOVE TO READ  MONTH each classroom decorated their door.  The theme was reading opens doors.

The Things We Like About You
I hope your children shared with you the special things that their classmates said about them.  It's amazing how we go through each day thinking nice things about the people around us, but often don't tell them what we are thinking.  This exercise is always humbling and sometimes a tear-jerker! 

After vacation we celebrated Dr. Suess's Birthday by participating in Read Across America

Science is FUN (and sometimes YUMMY!)
Our current unit is Earth's Systems

We just finished our study of the water cycle.  The students created a water cycle in a closed system (a zip lock bag) and made observations over a 2 week period. (sorry - no photos!)  They observed the 4 stages of the water cycle as they happened ~~ precipitation, accumulation, evaporation, and condensation.  We also created a model in a jar that showed a cloud becoming heavy and beginning to precipitate.

After completing our water cycle study we moved on to looking at the layers of the Earth.  Students identified the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core with the help of an oreo, chocolate sauce, and an M&M.

The second annual OQS Spelling Bee was held on March 2nd.  Congratulations to all who participated, and especially to the spelling bee champion, Madeline Moore and runner up Kate Kissell.  Madeline will participate in the state spelling bee on March 15th!  Good Luck Madeline!!!!

STAY TUNED... the next blog will be about our musher visit and the 
45th Iditarod dog sled race!