Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cooperative and Teambuilding Activities

We spent the first two weeks of school getting to know each other.  We also started to build our community of learners, so that we can all be comfortable and grow together this year.    We did several fun cooperative learning activities, as well as team building activities.  The students are working well together and have been very supportive of one another.  I am excited to be working with my new 5th graders!  I am also looking forward to meeting each of you at Open House on September 27th.  


We spent some time talking about what a great classmate is..., does..., says..., and is not...
The students came up with several good qualities that they would like to see in a great classmate.

Paper Towers

In this team building activity, each group received 6 pieces of paper and was challenged with building the tallest tower.

 Saving Sammy!

Pairs of students were charged with Saving Sammy!  Poor Sammy was on his boat, which overturned.  His life preserver was stuck under the boat (plastic cup) and students needed to retrieve the life preserver and get it onto Sammy without letting him fall off the boat.  This was a fun challenge ~~ enjoyed by all!

 Spaghetti Towers

Here's the challenge:  Build the tallest tower that will hold a marshmallow without toppling over!



For our culminating teamwork event of the first two weeks of school, we went into the forest with Mr. Clough.  5R tried (and failed) the spider web challenge.  Thankfully, in math, we have been learning about how important it is to brain development that we try and fail!   With each failure, our brains grow and we learn so much!   We will revisit the spider web challenge later this year and I'm sure we will persevere and succeed!