Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week of February 26th... A very busy week, indeed!

Let me start with a short video of some early February fun had by Owen and Coda and some dominoes!

Our first week back from February break was filled with lots of extra activities!  We celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday with I love to read week!  We had a book fair, bookmark contest, and spelling bee.  We also participated in Read Across America.  On Friday morning the whole school spent 30 minutes in the gym reading!  What a great way to start our day!

We had a few characters who dressed as their favorite book character on Wednesday!

During dress up as your favorite book character day I dressed up as Freckles, in other words, Doll, from Black Butler the Manga.

Read Across America
When our class went  the gym to read for 30 minutes for Read Across America  I got to curl up in a bean bag with Faith at one side and Norah on the other. Norah brought a camel blanket and we shared that while we we read our books. I read A Wrinkle in Time and Norah read Invisible Emmie.       ~~Harper


We are excited to be following the Iditarod Dog Sled race for the next couple of weeks.  On Tuesday we were visited by Braeburn Siberian Huskies.  We had great weather and a nice visit with the dogs and their handlers.

 Learning about the dogs and  pictures about the dogs was fun but, I bet that many people agree that playing with them was better! The dog that my group was assigned was a big and fluffy dog who changed my view on dogs and other animals! It kept hugging me and licking my face! The experience was gross but interesting. I forgot what the dog’s name was but if he is out there, thank you!


 I remember that we put the harness on the dogs.  The dogs liked licking your face. I love the dog that we saw last week they were so cute.


When we saw the dogs we got to know more things about the dogs.  
When we went to the dog we were assigned one.
Mine was Misty and she kept on giving kisses and she
went to me it was so cute
- Natalie

 When the dog visit was here it was fun. We learned about the dogs and their sled dog business.  We went outside and Kathy assigned people to a dog. I got a dog named Morgan and my cousin’s name is Morgan so that was cool. Morgan loved to give me, Maya, Matthew, and Lily kisses.  

  • Frank Cushing lll

The Iditarod
This year in 5R Coda, Owen, Matthew and I were asked by Ms.Rhoades to chart the Iditarod trail on the bulletin board, the thing is we had to make it pretty close if not perfect to the actual trail. We failed on the mapping to get the measurements right. We finally decided to go with 0.3 centimeters equals a mile. In the end we decorated the pins that mark the checkpoints with red sparkly rope.-Cavan

Ms.Rhoades asked Cavan, Matthew, Owen and me to chart down the Iditarod trail on the bulletin board.  We had to find the right measurements to make it fit on the bulletin board. We tried to make it as close as we could and we decided to do a third of a centimeter to equal a mile. It took a lot of math to do but we finally finished it.

In art we are going to make an art show. When my plaster heart is done I’m gonna display that because I think that’s gonna be my best piece of art so far. Next time we go into art I’m gonna paint my plaster art I can’t wait to see everybody’s art that they put into the show and where the art is gonna go. -Liberty

In art we are making plaster of paris hearts. What we did to make them is we curled up some news papers and we folded them into hearts. And then we were supposed to put a little masking tape on them so they would hold their shape but I made it so all you could see is tape. Then we dipped plaster of  paris strips in warm water and put them on top of the news paper. Now we have to let it dry. Then we get to paint them we are done. Thanks for reading! -Andre’a

Physical Education (PE)
In PE we did jump rope.  We also learned how to do cool moves like hot peppers and we also had a challenge board that we could write on if we beat the score on the paper.  We also did challenges with partners and we also did obstacles with jump ropes. That’s what we did in PE. --Maya

We are working on building our own sculpture machines.
I am working by myself and I’m working on a helicopter
that will work with a remote control ~~Adrian

In STEAM we are building our own animal or sculpture.  
I am with Janabeth and sort of Brooklyn. She helps us with ideas.
Janabeth and I are building a dragon. We are using these red wires for fire.