Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Fun Friday!

The day before break we had an extended alpha-bit celebration.  Everyone had a great time exploring and playing in the forest!

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I hope everyone had a happy and healthy vacation!

Math Art from December 2017

We studied fractions in December and took a couple of days to have some 
fraction fun!  
Here are the results!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

January and February in 5R

Well, it certainly has been a while since my last post.  I must say, I've been busy enjoying my time with your children!  December zipped by and when we returned from break we started some science investigations around gravity! 

Our first investigative question was:  What will happen to the paper clips, attached to a pencil, when you tilt the pencil from side to side?

The findings were that gravity pulls the paper clips straight down, despite the tilt of the pencil.

Our second question was: What will happen to the paper clips when you remove the magnet ruler (magnetic force)

Here are some quotes from a few students:

In science I learned that without  gravity the world would be dust. Also, gravity will pull anything unless there is another force involved. For instance, paper clips will not fall if there is a magnet because a magnetic force is involved.

I had an awesome time learning about  gravity. My favorite experience was the magnetic experiment.  Because it was amazing when the paper clips are stuck in the magnetic pull. ~~Owen

In science we are learning about gravity.  We took a ruler, put three magnets on it,
we made a tower to hold the ruler up, than we tied string to the paper clips and we
taped the string to the table.  Then finally we found out that the magnetic force keeps
the paper clip up even though the paper clip wasn’t even touching the magnet on the ruler.

During science we are learning about gravity. So far we’ve done a few experiments with gravity.
One if them was we taped magnets to a ruler, then we put it on a tower made by blocks with
string tied to a paper clips below the tower.  As soon as we set the magnets down on the tower
the paper clips started to slowly move upwards which was caused by the magnetic force of the
magnets. The string was too short so the paperclips couldn't reach the magnets so they
suspended in the air. Then when we removed the magnets the paper clips fell back down as
the force that held them up was removed and gravity could take ahold of the object once more.

After having some fun with gravity we learned about the phases of the moon.  To show their knowledge, students created delicious moon phases from Oreo cookies!

Having some fun with the moon, sun, and Earth!

Liam (sun), Owen (moon), and Brookelyn (Earth) demonstrate the rotation and revolution of the moon and the Earth.  They are attempting to show why we always see the same side of the moon!  

Some additional news from January:
  • Something that I learned in math is that decimals can be equivalent to fractions. I also learned that 0.25 is 100 times less than 25.   ~~Adrian
  • In art we learned how to do faces. Our art teacher.  took our picture and we’re going to cut it in half and then draw the other half. I think it will be fun.  ~~ Harper
  • In P.E.  the whole fifth grade learned how to play handball. ~~Cavan
  • I have had so much fun in STEAM.  I wish we could do this everyday.  In STEAM we experimented with lots of noise.  It was so much FUN. ~~Natalie.

The whole band learned their sixth note.  For me since I play the French Horn I learned my sixth note which is D.

In 5th grade band we are learning on how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and note 6, which is A for clarinets.  
In band we are learning two songs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Sweetly Sings the Donkey.  I play the flute and we learned a new note, G.  

My name is Andre’a I play saxophone.  In band with the three other girls who play saxophone we just learned our sixth note E, followed by D,C,B,A, and G.

What's in your snow globe?

Students share their "What's in your snow globe?" stories.

In Second Step we have been talking about how to handle strong emotions.  In these photos we are trying to untangle from a human knot without talking and without feeling frustrated.  If the feeling of frustration is present - there are calming down strategies that can be used!  Thankfully, nobody got really frustrated!

Have a safe, happy, and fun February break!⛄