Thursday, April 5, 2018

March 2018

Three highlights from March were following the Iditarod Dog Sled Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska; monologue readings for Esperanza Rising in ELA; and having a little fun with a leprechaun challenge in math.  Read our student blog posts below to see how much fun we had!


The Devil Dogs

 Tracking of the Iditarod was fun but my team lost by a lot. The best team, Team Paw-Some got 205 points, the second best team, PATA Huskies had 137 points,  the 4 mushkateers had 120 points, Snow Cloud had 100 points, Snow Paws had 71 points and my team, the Devil dogs had 57 points.                   - Cavan
The Four Mushkateers

The Iditarod was super interesting because you got to see how your team did and watch them come into a checkpoint. Also it was fun to watch people get their prizes. MY team came in third but I thought we would come in fourth. -Liam

The iditarod was awesome.  The person who won was Joar Leifseth Ulsom.  Some of the other awards he won was Northrim Bank Achieve More Award (A $2,500 check and a one of a kind print by Anchorage artist Marianne Wieland.)  --Andre’a

Snow Paws

The Iditarod was lots of fun. The best part was when we were choosing our mushers and seeing how many points we would get. The worst part was when 2 of our main mushers didn’t race. It was also nice to keep track of my musher who was in 5th place for almost all of the Iditarod. --Janabeth

The iditarod was fun on the last day for the final points given because someone across from me was very stressed out. Our teams final points were 70. Owen’s rookie got 2nd rookie. - Adrian

The Iditarod is a very interesting subject.  We learned about all the prizes and who won. We all studied different mushers.  I studied Michi Konno. It was fun and my musher ended up doing really good he came in 23rd. Owen
PATA Huskies

Snow Cloud

Esperanza Rising Monologue Reading

When we did the monologue reading we did it in front of a shower curtain that looked like a brick wall.
We were split into two groups so one group was in one room and the other group in the other room.
We rotated through the monologue groups so everyone got a chance to read their monologue.

Yarn Dolls - like Esperanza's!

Leprechaun on the Loose!

The Leprechaun on the loose was so cool. It was really frustrating because you’re like “This is impossible” it took me five minutes to even try again. But when I got it, it was awesome.  I felt like I did something. Then we had to get the penny on the string back on the Leprechaun. Now that was frustrating. But then I got that and was really happy.               - Harper

The Leprechaun on the Loose was an activity/excruciating challenge that we did in math. There was a piece of paper that looked like a leprechaun and there was a string that went through 3 holes in the leprechaun’s body. On the end of the string there was a coin. The objective was to get the coin out without harming the paper or string.  It was not easy for me but other people got it out in a snap. But eventually I got it and it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

The Leprechaun  on the Loose activity was really cool because it was hard. At first I was all like, “HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!” but then after a while I did it and I thought, ‘why was I so mad before?’ honesty I really loved this activity for the level of difficulty this activity possessed. Out of 1-10, 1 being lowest, 10 being highest I’d give it a 9! - Brookelyn
On the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day we did this leprechaun challenge with a string and a penny.  We put the string through the holes that we hole punched in the leprechaun and after we taped the penny on then string.  Then we tried to pull the string out without cutting and without taking the penny off. ~~Maya

My mom could do the leprechaun activity better than I could. -Bryan

 The Leprechaun on the Loose is an activity where you have a leprechaun and you hole punch three holes in it, and then you put in a string in a particular way, after you put the string in you tape a penny on the end.  It’s pretty hard to get the string out of the hole punches but once you get through the challenge it is pretty easy and you feel accomplished. ~~Maura

In math we tried a puzzle where we had a leprechaun. We hole punched three different spots. Two were on his arms and one was on his leg. We had to pull the strings through the holes and at last, we taped a penny onto the string hanging from the bottom.Then, we had to try to get the penny through the holes. The whole time I felt like screaming and ripping it apart. By the time I had finished my brain was working so hard and then it was time to go crazy again at recess.    -Galadriel

The Leprechaun on the loose was a very fun challenge. First, we had to get a string with a penny on the end out of a paper with a leprechaun on it. Then after we got the string out we had to get it back in. This was very challenging to get right the first time! I liked this challenge.  ~~Ashley