Saturday, April 8, 2017

Highlights from March

March is supposed to be a long month, but it wasn't long enough for me to get to my blog!  We were busy in 5R!  I think the best highlight for everyone was following the Iditarod dog sled race.

Iditarod Team Research...

 Musher Visit!

March Science Fun!
While studying the geosphere we completed some pretty cool 
experiments (some of them edible).  It's no wonder why
the students love science so much!
How does a volcanic eruption affect the geosphere?

Watch out for that lava!

This "eggs-periment" showed movement
of tectonic plates.

Carefully outlining the plate boundaries

Showing tectonic plate movement with
graham crackers and cool whip!

Tectonic plate movement

THE ROCK CYCLE ~~ Starburst style!

We had a little St. Patrick's Day fun 
with this leprechaun challenge

First 3 to figure it out!